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I got on my arm the big fairy- I got that after my mom passed away it's a photograph done from a picture of her when she was a child about six or seven years old in Serbia on the swing and I got her wings put on it and the five-point star behind it for the five elements earth air fire water and spirit and her holding the crystals in her hand because she was trying to do natural healing and was cancer free for five years before she died through her diet and her work with energy

The one on my hip is for symbols in Japanese that mean hope new future patients and overcome with a star with the infinity symbol through it and my name, for infinite life

The little one I have on my right arm was my first tattoo ever and I got it at a rainbow gathering sometime in the 90s and I remember being worried for years what if I caught something from getting a tattoo there I traded a pack of incense for it

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Human Canvases - Olivia https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/9/human-canvases---olivia And because we love you, and our models here at A2Z Photography, we have decided to give you a double posting tonight! Take some time to get to know Olivia!

My camera tattoo really represents my passion for photography. I've always loved being in front or behind the camera. I specifically wanted the eye to be purple to represent the crown chakra. I'm a very spiritual person. It took six painful hours, but in the end it was so worth it!

I have a tiny baby duck being fed from a spoon on my left thigh, and on the right one I have "Be kind to everything that lives". I actually seen a photograph of an actual baby duck being fed from a spoon & had my tattoo artist turn it into a drawing. I love animals & I think the phrase is pretty self explanatory.

A majority of my tattoos are things that remind me to remain positive. I have a few quotes on my arms, like; "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" & "Be the change you wish to see in the world". I love all my tattoos, and they're apart of who I am. I think its a beautiful way to express yourself, & the pain is always worth it.


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Human Canvases - Kat https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/9/human-canvases---kat Next up on Human Canvases (and nice enough to do their own write up!): Kat! 


I will start with the longest tattoo I have, my arm. Music is my life. And in every genre you find those songs that really are personal and you fall in love with. The top "verse" is Our Broken View from Oak Lawn, Illinois. They wrote a song called New Day. 3 years ago my parents got divorced. I moved in with my mom and lost connection with my dad cause I didn't stay with him. I have been battling since to keep contact but it's hard. Times get depressing and I cry. These guys constantly remind me that, "it's ok today is my last day, it's alright tonight I'll be fine. And I'll still stand holding on. And I'll still stand holding on." Then as the years go on I discovered Marina City from Chicago Illinois. The song was Oh Chicago. My friends started trying to understand the pain I was going through and how violent it was getting. Verbal abuse from your own dad is horrible. They had a verse that went, " I'm alright, I'm just ok wishing on shooting stars have gotten old anymore and I just got one more prayer left in me. I won't use it on my death bed I'll die so you can stop crying" and this hit me harder then home. Cause there are days when I feel like I'm better off dead. I try everything but never have my dad back. He will never be there to walk his only girl down the isle. Won't be there if I ever have a kid. And sometimes I'd rather be dead then not have a working relationship with him. Which leads into the last verse that my friend in Red Tide Rising from Denver, Colorado wrote for me. This part is like if I were to die, I'd be the ghost in my dads dreams. "The ghost I shall present,Neither here nor there, Will ever haunt you,So don't be scared,I'm here because I will,Always protect your heart But for now, the darkness Will always play a part." And that's a reminder that no matter how bad my day is tomorrow is a new day. No matter if my dad is here or there I'm just a memory. But I have friends and music to get me through life
The Honda logo: my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer in April. Growing up we raced dirt bikes. We were a Honda family. Those weekends were family time. And that's my tattoo for my dad. He may be crappy and we may fight but he is forever my dad.
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Human Canvases: Jenny and Jason https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/8/human-canvases-jenny-and-jason Part four of Human Canvases gives us our very first inked up couple: Jenny and Jason.

Jenny and Jason both have matching finger print tattoos.

Both Jason and Jenny have tattoos for their children: Jason with a hand print and name, Jenny with stars in their birth colors.


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Human Canvases - Kaylee https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/8/human-canvases---kaylee Next up in our exploration of body art: Kaylee:


On her chest resides Kaylee's first tattoo "Carry On," which also happens to be her favorite song.

On her forearm is a portrait of her 11 year old cat:

Her foot has a tattoo of elephants, for her best friend since first grade, since "Elephants never forget."

Do you want to be one of the next Body Art Models for our blog? If so, contact us now!

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Human Canvases - Angela https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/8/human-canvases---angela Part two of our journey documenting the amazing body art in the area brings us to our second model: Angela, a true to heart rocker girl.

When asked how many tattoos she currently has, Angela's response was "A lot." She then promptly left the room so that she could count all of her tattoos.

Her favorite tattoo is also her only unfinished tattoo: a flower piece on her shoulder that she hopes to have completed in about a month (don't worry, we will update when the piece is completed!)

And without any more words, lets take a closer look at Angela's other tattoos:


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Human Canvases - Melissa https://www.a2zphoto.photo/blog/2015/8/human-canvases---melissa Welcome to A2Z Photgraphy's new photo blog: Human Canvases!

Throughout this series, we will be documenting the unique, and ever-varying  body art (as well as some of the artists who create this wonderful art) in Northwest Indiana, and the greater Chicagoland area. Without further ado, we present to you our first model, Melissa.

Melissa currently has 33 tattoos. The Doves on her lower back represent love, while the dragonfly is in memory of her grandfather.

Melissa's tattoo of Rosie the Riveter was for her grandmother, who was a model in the 1940's, until she took a job at Ford during World War II.


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